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Everyone can sign up for our free trial, which includes 200 free pages to test Skwiz. Afterwards, you can contact us directly via for a personalized plan.

Skwiz uses a mix of generative AI (the technology behind ChatGPT) and its own optimised models to extract data from documents, as well as classify document types and split big PDFs that contain multiple documents. This decreases the setup time to just minutes, avoids the need to label 100s of examples and brings the setup cost down to zero.

Anyone that wants to automate document processes and extract data in text and table formats.

Skwiz can support any type of document. We provide a list of document templates, with proposed (but fully customizable) configurations for dozens of document types.

Can't find your document type yet in the templates? Create it from scratch or reach out to us to help you set it up.

We currently support PDF, JPG and PNG. Please reach out to us if you have other needs.

As the generative AI models we use are trained on a large variety of languages around the world, virtually any language is supported for both the configuration of your document types and the uploaded documents.

The current limit is set at 20MB per individual document.


Yes! Our classification of document types can be set up in just minutes and is achieved with the help of large language models as well as checks for keywords.

Yes! Our PDF splitting feature can be switched on with a single click. After splitting the PDF, the resulting individual documents can further be classified and extracted.

Free trial

Everyone can sign up for a 200-page free trial to test Skwiz, without requiring a credit card. The trial is valid for 3 months.

You can contact us directly for a personalized plan via the Contact page or via the specific form in the web app.

Performance & speed

The speed of extraction is dependent on a number of factors, mainly the amount of pages, the amount of text on each page, whether tables should be extracted, the file size, etc. and can range from a few seconds to a minute.

Skwiz is fully scalable, meaning sudden increases in volume from you or other clients will not affect your performance and the speed will remain stable as you scale your volume.


There is no setup or any hidden fee involved in using Skwiz.

Yes, we charge on a monthly basis.

Errors rarely occur in Skwiz, and we diligently investigate them to prevent future issues. If an error does occur, be assured that we do not charge you for that document.

Data & privacy

Documents and data uploaded to Skwiz always remain in Western Europe and are processed via local partners (Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google).

By default, documents are stored up to 2 months to provide you with sufficient time to validate the results. Afterwards, the documents and their extracted values are deleted permanently.

You can delete documents faster by:

  • Changing the default storage time for documents in the settings (see “Document auto-deletion” in General)

  • Manually deleting documents

If you have specific requests for storing documents for longer than 2 months, reach out to us.

Yes, Skwiz is fully GDPR compliant and only processes and stores data for a limited time in order to extract the data and allow you to validate and access it. For more details, please refer to the data processing agreement (



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