Intelligent Data Capture uses artificial intelligence to extract data from documents without the need for any specific rules or template setup

Manual data entry, a thing of the past

Free your team from manual and repetitive tasks. Let them focus on more complex ones and on creating value.

Do you need to automate the treatment of an other type of document ? No problem, can learn that too.

Why are we different

No template setup

Fully functional from day one, for any invoice or receipt layout. No need for template setup.

Increase productivity

Relieve your team of any data extraction, encoding and decision making tasks. Let them focus on the ones with a higher added value. 

Human-level accuracy

Skwiz achieves unrivaled performance, making human validation unnecessary most of the time.


European and GDPR compliant

You can trust us with your data in the cloud in Europe, frequently audited to ensure maximal level of security and privacy.

Don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself.


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